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What is "Merch"?
As online sales become an attractive side gig for more people, the hunt for profitable, affordable things that sell well intensifies. Since Merch sales are frequently extra income, not a main source, these folks don't have time to research products for themselves. Thus the idea of a Merch Advisor

About MerchAdvisor.com

Do you know a lot about sourcing merchandise to sell profitably online? If so, then MerchAdvisor.com would make a great domain name from which to launch a business helping others find good products.

Shopify forums are filled with people complaining about a complete lack of sales in their new stores. Sometimes it is pricing, sometimes it is technical issues, but frequently it is because they have no idea where to find merchandise that is in demand and will actually sell.

Your Merch Adviser site can make the different

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Merch Advisor is part of a case study for Oakco.com & Writerville.com. It is an example and teaching tool for showing what can be done with a one page site. It is also part of educational tutorials that teach novices how to start building their own platform using a very simple drag & drop editor.